Jumping Ship is the reason we're here today.

Steve's Great Grandfather, a Norwegian sailor, jumped ship in Port Lincoln when the ship he was on docked in Boston Bay in 1924 to avoid violent storms. He grabbed some biscuits and his best mate and ventured into a new life in Australia. 

And here we are today, grateful for his courage to choose a new path, which inspired us to do the same.

  • To jump ship is liberating

  • To jump ship is to change direction

  • Join us on our journey, jumping ship and taking flight!

Our mission is to brew high quality craft beers which celebrate our pristine environment and connection with our community. 

This is us, the husband wife duo behind Jump Ship Brewing. We have quite literally jumped ship, moving directions to add brewery owner to our existing teacher and sparky hats. We've turned an old, deserted tile shop in the centre of Port Lincoln into a brewery and restaurant…and it’s been an incredible ride. 

Just like all path changes in life, we never quite know what's around the corner but with our two kids in tow and an exceptional team behind us, we feel pretty equipped to deliver this dream of ours to people on the Eyre Peninsula.

So, all we really want to say is thanks so much for being here and supporting us. 

Mishy & Stiffy 

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